Tigress with cub from Jim Corbett
Snow leopard from kibber
Black panter from kabini
Leopard with kill from kabini
Elephant herd from bandipur
Gaur from kotagiri
Rino with cub from kaziranga
Nilgiri martin from kotagiri
chestnut winged cuckoo from thattekad
Stump tailed macaque from Hoollongapar
Stump tailed macaque from Hoollongapar
Red Fox from kibber
Tigress in monsoon from kabini
Black panther from kabini
Malbar Trogan from thattekad
Flameback from bangalore outskirts
Rino from kaziranga
Elephant herd from kaziranga
Rino habitat from kaziranga
Black panther from kabini
Cute tiger cubs from kabini
Orange & black flycather from coonor
Tigress in private pool from Jim corbett
Malbar barbet with chick from thattekad
frogmouth from thattekad
Hill myna from kotagiri
bay weaver from bangalore outskirts
Leopard from kabini
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